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Why Florida can't compete with Southern California in biotechnology

To the editor: Jeb Bush's idea as governor of Florida to orchestrate a “blockbuster biotech cluster” in 15 or fewer years was misguided from the start — especially in a region such as Orlando, which lacks a deep insular academic community, a legacy of government support for life sciences and a diverse network of biotechnology service providers that serve as the backbone of the industry. ("How one big promise Jeb Bush made to Florida's economy has yet to deliver," Aug. 24)

The article also references the U.S. biotech sector's “traditional powers including San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.” Southern California ought to start treating its individual biotech clusters as a united power. San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles have complementary resources we've only begun to tap. Together, we can be an even more competitive regional force.

Joe Panetta, San Diego

The writer is president and chief executive of Biocom, a nonprofit trade association for Southern California biotech companies.

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