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Charles Manson has the right to get married

To the editor: I have no problem with the letter writer's opinion of well-known criminal Charles Manson and his recent announcement of plans to marry. History will never let us forget of the horrific murders committed by his followers, and it's safe to say he will never be released from prison. ("Manson getting married? Only in California," Readers React, Nov. 18)

However, Manson is completely within his rights to marry while he serves his sentence in prison. It might interest the letter writer to know the rules that govern the treatment of prison inmates in this country follow the guidelines for the treatment of prisoners of war that came out of the trials at Nuremberg after World War II.

A prison inmate choosing to marry while being incarcerated is really quite common. The practice is far from being a "California thing."

Rob Macfarlane, Newport Beach

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