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Why only a cross for Mt. Soledad? Why not a Star of David?

To the editor: The religious right's crafty plan to keep a huge Christian cross prominently displayed within government property likely won't end a quarter-century of legal feuding. An unquestionably constitutional resolution of this controversy should be considered. ("Senate passes bill that could keep cross atop Mt. Soledad, end legal battle," Dec. 12)

Allow a cross on the Mt. Soledad property to stand alongside same-sized symbols of every belief held by the thousands of deceased veterans memorialized there. Such a resolution would comport with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs issue of a standard tombstone inscribed with a symbol reflecting each deceased veteran's stated belief.

Mt. Soledad accordingly can be graced not only by a Christian cross, but by equally prominent displays of the Jewish Star of David, the Wiccan pentagram, the atheist atomic whirl and so forth. This approach is a win-win. It will honor all deceased veterans' service and pass constitutional muster.

Greg Gilbert, Cool, Calif.

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