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Psychologist group fails to own up on interrogation

To the editor: While American Psychological Assn. chief Dr. Nadine J. Kaslow acknowledges her organization's opposition to torture and our profession's horror at such practices, she fails to acknowledge an important earlier decision by the organization. ("CIA pscyhologists don't represent their field on torture," Readers React, Dec. 15)

One member of the organization assisted the Defense Department's brutal interrogation of a terrorism suspect at Guantanamo Bay but was not rebuked by the APA for doing so.

Though the Defense Department may not have engaged in horrific torture, as done by the two rogue psychologists who worked for the CIA, the practices were clearly not humane or within ethical guidelines.

I was outraged enough to resign my membership in the APA and have yet to rejoin the organization. As a profession, we are not free from responsibility for this miscarriage of justice and humanity.

Alan M. Solomon, Torrance

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