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Dig more on pay for L.A.'s injured city workers

To the editor: What a depressing article about the impotence of the Los Angeles City Council to deal with municipal employees on disability leave who make more money sitting at home than working. Some of the claims cited in the article are suspect. ("L.A. to review 'flawed and expensive' leave policy for injured workers," Dec. 20)

Despite some perfunctory comments by City Council President Herb Wesson and Mayor Eric Garcetti's office, Councilman Bernard Parks seems to be the only one who's inclined to fix this corruption.

The Times needs to step up and continue to follow and highlight this ridiculous situation until it's fixed.

Robert Newman, West Hills


To the editor: This article and the series on produce imported from Mexico are fine examples of the effect of your investigative journalism. Such good journalism is especially needed, as TV news has deteriorated into mindless entertainment and campaign contributors control public policy.

I hope people will continue to subscribe and otherwise support responsible print journalism as our last hope to maintain a self-correcting society.

Gary Colboth, Long Beach


To the editor: That's a shock: People prefer not working because they can make more money that way.

Kathleen Collins, Santa Monica

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