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A sign of the times for the homeless?

To the editor: As I look at the photo of the poignant new mural on skid row, I wonder whether it helps or hurts the plight of the homeless.  (“Sign of survival,” Aug. 24)

It goes nicely with the gentrification around it. Maybe it is a little daring to so boldly point out the obvious. Yet I don’t believe the homeless themselves can afford to give it more than a glance.

Here in northeast Los Angeles, we have been pointing out the obvious too. Homeless encampments have sprung up along the Arroyo Seco from Elysian Park to South Pasadena in Debs Park, the Audubon Center, Hermon Park and along the freeway.

No one thinks this newish zone of encampments — mostly without toilets, running water, roofs, garbage pickup, police patrol or social services — has an easy fix, but it seems to have gotten little notice from our City Council members.

If we commission a mural, perhaps the homeless in northeast L.A. will get some needed attention.

Or perhaps we can all just like the mural.

Jack Fenn, Montecito Heights

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