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National monument status for San Gabriels?

To the editor: Two thoughts on giving national monument status to our beautiful but overused and under-appreciated local mountain range: Yes! And: It’s about time! ( Re “Saving grace,’’ Aug. 26)
Any proposal for the San Gabriel Mountains that would remove the used diapers and other trash from the East Fork of the San Gabriel River is fine with me.
Lance Hotz, West Covina

To the editor: It’s great to hear that the San Gabriel Mountains might get more resources and be given national monument status.

I remember when I first moved to California a few years ago, one of the first things I purchased (seriously) was a season pass to Mt. Baldy — for $50!

After spending the winter in the snow-capped peaks of L.A.’s backyard, I got a job working in outdoor education, where I helped at-risk and urban youth experience outdoor places, including in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Providing chances for urban and diverse populations to connect with the outdoors is essential.

Los Angeles deserves to have such a pristine backyard protected as a national monument.

Andy French, Baltimore

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