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The rationale for ride-sharing success

To the editor:  As a ride-share driver, I'd like to add that having an affordable and appealing choice has undoubtedly already saved lives as well as costs to law enforcement. Many of my riders are twentysomethings out partying in bars and nightclubs, and from what they're telling me, it's the lower cost as well as the overall ride-sharing experience that makes them choose to ride instead of taking the risks of driving under the influence. (“Share rides, spare regulation, '' Opinion,

July 13)

For a lot of these riders, who would rather drive themselves than call an “old-school” taxi, it's the availability of car services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar that encourages them to make safer choices when they're out for a good time.

Michael F. Kelly, Topanga


To the editor: I think the main reason Lyft and Uber are so successful is not because of their prices but because it's so easy to get a ride. The taxi industry needs to get a clue and bring out its own smartphone apps that let you order, track and pay for your ride with ease.

Bryan Baker, Apple Valley, Calif.

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