If Mayor Garcetti runs for president, L.A. should ask: What has he done for us?

To the editor: I’d like Mayor Eric Garcetti to help me understand what he has accomplished as mayor of Los Angeles that would make anyone want to support his presidential or any other political ambitions. (“L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti admits considering a 2020 bid: ‘I am thinking about this,’” Dec. 22)

Let me see: The homelessness problem has worsened under his watch. Crime has increased. And the latest: We have a trash crisis in parts of Los Angeles.

So, please help me understand what he has actually done that shows he is ready to be president.

Richard Joseph, Los Angeles


To the editor: Given Garcetti’s feckless administration, and if a majority of his time is spent on being mayor of Los Angeles (as he claims), then I’m not worried about him succeeding as a candidate for president.

Todd Piccus, Venice

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