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Don't call aggressive lawyers 'pit bulls.' That's unfair to the dogs

To the editor: As a lover of pit-bull-type dogs, I eagerly clicked on the headline, “Will Hollywood lawyer Martin Singer's pitbull tactics still work in a post-Weinstein era?

What pit-bull tactics could the article be referring to? Full body hugs and cuddles? Excessive face licking?

Rather, it seems you equate “pit bull” with “hit man” and “hard-edged.” This headline is inaccurate and frankly not helpful to those of us who love pit-bull​​​​​​​-type dogs. It perpetuates stereotypes that are not based on fact and further contributes to the estimated 500,000 pit-bull-type dogs euthanized each year in the U.S.

I expect more from The Times.

Cherie Graham, San Rafael

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