Trump's handling of Mike Flynn exposes his incompetence on national security

To the editor: The Trump administration continues to jeopardize our country with its inept and dangerous handling of our security. (“Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn resigns over contacts with Russia,” Feb. 13)

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s contact with Russia during the transition period not only was potentially illegal but also made him susceptible to blackmail. 

Despite being given that information by the Justice Department in January, President Trump allowed Flynn to continue to serve until reports about his contacts with Russia came out last week. 

Furthermore, just Saturday, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida was the scene for a candle-lit patio dinner with the Japanese prime minister when news broke of North Korea’s missile lunch. Rather than retreat to a secure venue with his staff members, Trump held talks in full view of the other guests that night. 

Heaven help the United States. 

Cynthia Weitz, Laguna Niguel


To the editor: During the first Cold War, there was consensus among Democrats and Republicans that we were good and godly while the communists were evil and atheist. 

The second Cold War, sprouting from NATO’s expansion to Russian borders, had the same conformity, with one important exception: Donald Trump, who seemed ready to reconsider sanctions against Russia for its Ukrainian actions. Flynn supported this. It’s likely both acted for selfish reasons; still, they took the appropriate position on Russia. 

Predictably, both Democrats and Republicans had it in for Russia. Flynn’s expulsion was nearly predictable. Cold Warriors regularly win out.

Roger Carasso, Santa Fe, N.M.


To the editor: Poor Flynn was whacked on the head by reality. 

In the beginning, it’s always exciting to hook your wagon to a powerful, authoritarian-type of politician. But those sorts of wealthy men frequently dance on the edge of what’s legal and moral.

When the chips start to fall (and they always do), they never land on the head guy. Instead, they pummel the subordinates. Just ask New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s staffers, two of whom will probably head to prison after being convicted in the Bridgegate scandal. 

Everyone in the White House who has hooked his or her career star to the new president better watch out.

Cheryl Holt, Burbank


To the editor: We can only hope the chaos in the White House will not lead to chaos in the country. 

Those people who believed having a non-politician in the White House would “shake things up” were correct. The problem is the administration doesn’t know how to fix what it shook up.

Debbie Cassettari, Chino Hills

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