If Planned Parenthood shouldn't get federal money, why should taxpayer dollars support religious schools?

To the editor: I’m beyond outraged that President Trump has asked Congress to pass a school voucher system that would reallocate my taxes from public education to private and religious schools, among others. (“President Trump wants to create a national private school choice program. Here's how it could work,” March 3)

Keep in mind that the Little Sisters of the Poor in Colorado could not compromise their principles just to file a form for an exemption from providing birth control for their employees. Also, the contorted principles of many evangelical groups cannot tolerate even one dollar going to Planned Parenthood even when abortion services are specifically excluded from being federally funded.

I do not want my tax dollars going toward these schools. Maybe I can live with a “check the box” option, like the many worthy causes that are included with California auto registrations. That would be the equivalent of “defunding” the voucher program.

James H. Benson, Altadena

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