The 'blue slip' veto is the best way for Democrats to block Trump's judges

To the editor: The Times Editorial Board believes Democrats should be the ones to take the high road and do away with the “blue slip” vetoes by senators of the president’s judicial nominations. (“The Senate should give the ‘blue slip’ the pink slip,” editorial, Sept. 30)

The Democrats will never defeat the Republicans until they start fighting like Republicans. The theft of the Supreme Court seat President Obama sought to fill with Merrick Garland changed the balance of the court for the foreseeable future.

It was an act so heinous that Democrats should never, ever give an inch to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Mark Chipman, San Diego


To the editor: This editorial is appalling and irresponsible.

At a time when we are governed by a president who has no respect for the free press or the rule of law, the Los Angeles Times and every other news outlet has a moral responsibility to resist the Trump administration and its lackeys in Congress.

In addition, Senate Democrats are under no obligation to operate under business as usual when Trump seeks to pack the federal courts with judges who will serve as a rubber stamp for his hateful agenda.

The “blue slip” process, allowing senators from the home state of a judicial nominee effectively to veto the president’s choice, is an important check on the power of Trump and McConnell. It should be cherished and preserved, not trashed.

Joshua Steele, Studio City

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