Will the Trump presidency usher in a golden age of satire?

To the editor: What a great letter from James Buchanan to President Trump via Ariel Dorfman. (“Words of encouragement for Donald J. Trump from James Buchanan, 15th president of the United States,” Opinion, Jan. 19)

In his article, Dorfman pretends to be the 15th president, generally accepted as the worst ever, who is looking forward to the Trump presidency where he is sure to lose his title and be able to finally look down on someone. 

I laughed till I cried and saw there is and will be humor to get us through this abomination called the Trump administration. 

Cassie Bryer, Los Angeles


To the editor: Give the man a chance. 

Dorfman’s piece ran a day before the inauguration, and yet he had already decided that Trump will be a contender for the title of worst president ever.

With all due respect, isn’t it a chutzpah to make such statement? Wait at least half a year before judging the man. Time will tell better than all the so-called political experts.

Dov Ascoli, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: I loved Dorfman’s piece pretending to be Buchanan writing to Trump. I believe that this juicy piece of tongue-in-cheek criticism of Trumpism is just one more salvo in what will be a golden age of satire in the next four years. 

It’s been a very long time since there was so much material to work with.

Wayne April, Pasadena

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