'But we'll be safe' — the sad defense of the Trump budget

To the editor: If President Trump’s first proposed federal budget gets implemented, Americans will be safe within their border walls. We’ll have lots of munitions to protect us. (“Trump's budget proposal is a wish list of perennial GOP targets, only less realistic,” editorial, March 16)

But inside, we’ll be dying for lack of healthcare and for lack of safe water and food. We’ll gag on dirty air and our children will be taught that science is wrong in the religious schools getting vouchers siphoned from public education. The heating planet will be uncomfortable and deadly.

But we’ll be safe. Thanks, Mr. President.

Patricia LoVerme, South Pasadena


To the editor: No matter what party affiliation to which our country’s citizens belong, one must feel strongly concerned by the proposed cuts in programs that provide basic human needs.

Funding cuts to the National Endowment of the Arts, Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio will affect many Americans who have been blessed with these fine services that cannot survive without government help. We have enormous open, untouched and protected space graced with beauty and wildlife that must remain pristine.

I do not need to remind our president that America always will be great. If Trump wants to capitalize on his campaign slogan, he must take a deep look into the heart and soul of America and see how great we must remain. Now.

Denise Gee, San Clemente


To the editor: There is an old joke: A man sees a high roller in Las Vegas win at the craps table. As the high roller leaves the casino, the man goes up to him and says, “Could you give me $10,000? My wife is very ill and needs an operation.”

The high roller asks, “How do I know you won’t just use it to gamble?” The man responds, “Oh, I got gambling money.”

When I read your article about all the services California would need to cut under Trump’s proposed budget, I couldn’t help but think, “Oh, we got bullet train money.”

P.J. Gendell, Beverly Hills


To the editor: No terrorist has done to our nation what Trump’s budget would do.

Those who claim to care for the unborn are now guaranteeing that the born may never get a worthwhile education. The administration proposes to cut medical research that has been making huge strides in the battle against cancer. It thinks that taking away other programs that serve the vulnerable is good way to pay for a military buildup.

And don’t the members of the Trump administration also breathe the air that could soon be much more polluted? Do they worry about our planet?

No jihadist has ever done the kind of damage to the poor, the ill and the elderly that this administration has set out to do.

Phyllis Gottlieb, Los Angeles

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