The simple things.

Frankie Moore brushes the hair of her 3-year-old granddaughter, Jada Rockwood, outside their Polk Street home in Parramore. Moore, whose home is next door to a recycling center, is skeptical of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's promise to remake Parramore. To Moore, 60, he is just another white politician trying to dictate what's best for her neighborhood. Moore's ideals for a better Parramore are simpler: Do something about laws that allow a recycling plant and a home to sit side by side. Only a chain-link fence separates her family from the 29,038-square-foot lot filled with trash. She would love to have a back yard where her 13 grandchildren could play. ‘All of that garbage and big, black flies. It stinks when the wind gets up,' Moore says. ‘... I complain and complain, but nobody does anything.'
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