'Cutlass' a star-studded, delicious comic short

Cutlass is a comic, sentimental short that has all the polish and sure-handedness than an actress raised in the movies and directing for the first time can bring it.

The fact that Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, did it is more spurring than the dazzling line-up of stars she was able to talk into making it. This ditty about money and wanting something and teaching your kids a lesson about how to bargain and make responsible purchases features Hudson's step dad, Kurt Russell, as the father who, in a flashback, tries to impart the wisdom of age on his daughter (Kristen Stewart of Into the Wild) who desperately wanted a used Olds Cutlass when she was a teenager.

Virginia Madsen is the modern day mom trying to pass what she might have learned from that on to her own kid ( Dakota Fanning) who desperately wants a 1979 vintage Gibson Hummingbird guitar.

Hudson scripted the film, which is based on a work by Rosie Hartman, a Tallahassee woman, who submitted this biographical essay to Glamour Magazine as part of a "see my story filmed" contest. Look for "names" in bit parts and as delicious a sentimental coda as any comic short you're likely to see.

Screening as part of the SHORTS PROGRAM 2, "Slide": Sunday, March 30, 1:00 PM – 2:35 PM at Enzian

Wednesday, April 2, 4:45 PM – 6:35 PM at Regal