10 minutes with Jamie Foxx

You've seen him cry in front of the world while accepting an Oscar.

You've seen him climb to the top of the Billboard charts with his popular hip-hop singles, including his current hit "Blame It."

You've seen him dominate the TV screen with In Living Color.

The one thing you may never see Jamie Foxx do is rest.

"You make the time (to do it all)," said Foxx in a 10-minute conversation with the Sentinel on Tuesday morning. "We wanted to go out on tour, do 50-something cities. When you get a chance to sleep, you take it."

Foxx, who is also in the middle of shooting for the upcoming, star-clad movie Valentine's Day, took time to answer a few more questions before his Sunday night appearance at Amway Arena:

Q: How does this tour say "Jamie Foxx?"

"We have songs now. We've got songs from the first album, "Unpredictable," we've got "Blame It," we've got some sing-a-longs now. And, in our transitions, we bring (comedic impersonations of)

Ray Charles out or the President will show up. We've got all of that going on and people leave going, "Wow, we got it all." As we built this show, we didn't want people to miss a thing.

Q: You've been so busy with movies and music, where has comedy fit into all of this?

We've got a radio show, "Foxxhole," on satellite radio, so we keep the comedy going there. When you are listening to my show, it's like an old Richard Pryor album, you have to sneak down to the basement so your parents don't hear. We don't want to lose the essence of what we started out doing. We want to stay in tune with what people want to laugh at.

Q: Your latest album has a lot of collaboration from big-time musicians. Have your friendships helped your music?

First, you have to be respectful of the artists. I always had an agreement, if the songs are not hot, they don't have to do it. That is regardless of friendship. I don't want someone on something because of friendship. Especially if it is whack. They'd look at me and say, "You embarrassed me there, friend." I want them to want to be a part of the record.

Q: It looks like you have a few movies lined up, how is that going?

I've got Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler coming out in October and we are working on Valentine's Day with Gary Marshall. Its got Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, a whole host of talented people.

We've also got a Sheneneh-Wanda movie coming out.

Q: Really? How did that come about?

When Martin Lawrence and I were at the BET awards, we were filming a spoof where Sheneneh (Lawrence's spoof character in 1990s sitcom Martin) and Wanda (one of Foxx's characters on In Living Color) were robbing banks. Before we released it, we looked at it and said that we needed to do the whole movie. It's hilarious. We'll start shooting at the beginning of 2010 and it'll probably be out by the end of 2010. (If you want to see a trailer, visit

Q: Any past experiences with Florida that have left a lasting memory?

Coming from Texas, the Gateway to the South, many people think that Florida is just Miami. But there is a lot of southern hospitality in Florida. The food, the people, I've loved coming to Florida for years.

Q: You've gone from serious roles like Ray and The Soloist to doing your comedy, how do you transform yourself like that?

It's all preparation. You have to sync into that role. The Soloist was very, very tough. It was a tougher subject matter. Then, you have Wanda and Sheneneh and I'll have 8 to 10 other comedians on set, coming up with jokes and making things fun. That's what you do, you take the time out to do right by the role, whether it is dramatic or comedic.