Mickey D's all-star pitching staff

Justin Timberlake has signed on as a pitchman for McDonald's. So does this mean we can look forward to dittiessuch as "Fry, Fry, Fry" or "Double Quarter Pounder Gonna Rock Your Body"?

Our Group to Resurrect the Era of Awful Songwriting for Eternity (GREASE) has thought of some other singers who might tailor their hits for the keepers of the Golden Arches:

  • Pink -- Get the Patty Started

  • JC Chasez -- Blowin' Me Up (With Too Many Extra Value Meals)

  • Toby Keith and Willie Nelson -- Hot Apple Pies for My Horses

  • Madonna -- Papa Don't Overeat

  • Jimmy Buffett -- McDonaldsville

  • Neil Sedaka -- Calorie Girl

  • Eminem -- Lose Yourself in the McRib

  • The Supremes -- You Can't McFlurry Love

  • t.A.T.u -- All the Things She Supersized

  • Ruben Studdard -- Frying Without Wings

  • Cyndi Lauper -- Girls Just Want to Have Buns

  • Sir Mix-a-Lot -- Baby Got Big Mac

  • Darryl Worley -- Have You Forgotten My Ketchup?

  • Rolling Stones -- You Can't Always Get What You Ordered
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