Snapped! at 1st Thursdays, Orlando Museum of Art

Why does Mark Twain come to mind? Could be the white hair, mustache and shaggy eyebrows. Could be the jaunty angle of the hat. Twain often wore hats, especially derbys and top hats. He even gave a lecture once titled "Books, Authors and Hats." He recounts how Archdeacon Wilberforce -- a canon at the time -- took his (Twain's) hat after a luncheon they'd both attended. "I would not accuse Archdeacon Wilberforce of stealing my hat. ... He merely took my hat. And with good judgment, too --i t was a better hat than his," remarked Twain. So he took the archdeacon's hat. "My head was not the customary size just at that time. I had been receiving a good many very nice and complimentary attentions, and my head was a couple of sizes larger than usual, and his hat just suited me.," he quipped. But I digress ... Who: Joe Rosier, Attorney and professional storyteller from Lake Mary. His hat: A classic panama straw. Why: Hats protect his crowining glory -- his silver-white hair. He wears hats "about 99% of the time," and has been doing so for about 30 years. His favorites: This white Panama and a black straw model for summer. For winter, a black felt hat he bought in Montreal.
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