Disney's "Where's My Water?" mobile game app gets "Frankenweenie" makeover

Well, this trick is certainly a treat.

Disney’s popular mobile-gaming app “Where’s My Water?” gets a spooktacular new level pack in support of the upcoming

Tim Burton

film “



Starting today, app users can get the 10 new levels of gameplay for free. Part of a “10 Days of Frankenweenie” marketing effort for the film, which will be in theaters Oct. 5, the new levels will feature spooky theme music inspired by the film and will appear – like the animated, stop-motion feature – in black and white. They also will showcase a comic-panel cameo from Sparky, the dearly deceased dog from the film who comes back to life, thanks to its owner’s mad scientific skills.

There also will be locked icons to snag, collectibles to gather, and spooky sound effects to enjoy (and annoy your parents, teachers and classmates, kids!).

The “Where’s My Water” app recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and has been downloaded more than 100 million times across iOS and Android devices. It’s so popular, that you might even see some Swampy costumes on trick-or-treaters this


now that the app’s product line has taken off after its May release.

You can download the app for the



iPod touch




Download it for Android devices


There’s even a trailer for the app