First Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez

Born August 23, 1925 in Tampa, First Lieutenant Baldomero Lopez, enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1943 but discharged June 11, 1944 because he was underage, according to the Florida Memory web site. He was accepted as a U.S. Naval Academy cadet, graduating June 6, 1947. Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. Served in China and Camp Pendelton, California. When the Korean War began, he volunteered for service as an infantry officer. Entered combat duty with the 5th Marines in the Pusan Perimeter, participated in the allied landings at Inchon, near Seoul as part of the force composed of the 1st and 5th Marine Regiments. He was hit as he was throwing a grenade. Being too badly wounded to pick up the grenade and throw it he covered the grenade and absorbed the full impact. He is interred in Centro Asturiano Memorial Park, Tampa. Lt. Lopez received the Medal of Honor posthumously.
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