Dating app comes out with list of 'most desirable' universities

Dating app Hinge scoured through its users' "beauty" and "brain" data to come up with a list of the 40 most desirable universities, which includes two Florida schools.

Hinge uses the yes-no system popular on dating apps like Tinder where users swipe right if they're interested in another user or swipe left if they'd rather pass. If both users swipe right they're then matched and are able to start chatting.

Whereas some of the "swiping" apps show little more than a first name and a face, Hinge goes a step further by showing education, full name and workplace.

But users can't just swipe willy-nilly since they only get limited number of matches per day, and those will only be friend's of friends or someone they have some sort of social connection to, meaning no random matches.

The methodology on Hinge's current ranking of universities was simple: see which alumni were swiped right more than average users and compare that with the school's U.S. News and World Report Ranking to come up with a top 30 list.

It's no surprise that most of the Ivy League schools -- all of them except Cornell University and Columbia University -- made it to the list along with other top-rated schools.

Unfortunately, my alma mater didn't make the cut, but yours might have. Click through the gallery above to see which 30 universities are the "most desirable" and if you see someone who catches your eye, know that all the photos are actual Hinge users.