Mainland's Marlin Lane, still recovering from knee surgery, is OK with Clemson recruiting another RB in Mike Bellamy

Daytona Beach

Mainland running back

Marlin Lane

Jr., ranked No. 6 in the Central Florida Super60 and committed to Clemson University, has been hobbled this entire offseason after needing knee surgery at the end of the Buccaneers' 2009 campaign.


Mainland officials, including coach John Maronto are hopeful Lane will be able to begin working out sometime in July, but it will all be on a wait-and-see basis.

The prognosis isn't entirely clear as to whether he'll even be able to take the field in the season opener this fall, and that determination will be made by his father, Marlin Lane Sr.

"It'll be up to me and there's some things I gotta see first, and if I don't think he's ready then I'm not going to let him go," Lane Sr. said Monday. "Sometimes these kids come back too early and bam, something happens.

"I don't care what nobody else says, because I know him. He doesn't back down and he won't back down. He loves the game too much. That's why it's better for me to make the decision. For now we just sittin' back and let him do the rehab and see how it goes."


That's not the only thing on Lane's mind these days. On Sunday, one of the top-ranked running backs in the state also committed to Clemson, which some might think could give Lane cause for more decision-making.

"Ah, he's excited about it," Lang Sr. said. "He thinks it's great and said it just builds a great team. We were talking about it yesterday. He said he didn't mind at all."

So the focus for Lane Jr. is to get through the rest of the rehabilitation and then evaluate, but right now the injury still has him questionable for the opening game, and possibly longer.

"He's doing great. Couldn't be doing no better with rehab and everything," Lane Sr. said. "We just gotta see how it goes. Right now he'll just have to hand the baton off to his little brother. He's better than Marlin. Marquion Lane, he's gonna be a sophomore and he's better than Marlin. Just nobody knows that yet."

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