Ponce: The Explorer's Inlet

Orlando Sentinel

At 173 feet tall --tallest in the state and one of the tallest in the U.S. -- the Ponce de Leon lighthouse stands as a landmark visible for miles on the southern Volusia county coastline. Named after the famous explorer and once an active light for guiding mariners and sailors into the treacherous inlet in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the lighthouse today is a National Historic Landmark and museum. For residents and visitors to Volusia and the town of Ponce Inlet, though, the lighthouse is a beacon marking one of the best nature parks in the state. Fishermen, boaters, surfers, snorkelers, hikers, beachcombers, birders, dog owners and sun-bathers converge on the popular, pet-friendly Lighthouse Point Park year-round to experience an array of diverse recreation, watersports, nature activities and picnicking.

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