Letter: HdG arts ball demise lamented


It is with heavy hearts that the Havre de Grace Arts Commission looks toward Saturday, Jan. 28.The Havre de Grace Community Center will be dark for the first time in more than 20 years.

Twenty-one years ago the Arts Commission decided to change our mission from coordinating Arts events in Havre de Grace to presenting Arts events in Havre de Grace. In order to do this, we needed money, so I said, "Let's have a Ball." Bill McIntyre, our president, suggested the last weekend in January as a perfect time to brighten up the town in an otherwise "dead" time of year. The rest is history.

Last Wednesday after spending 15 to 25 hours of preparation and looking forward to another 20-25 more hours, we made a very difficult decision to postpone the Ball, due to low ticket sales.

Our friends and supporters have weathered snow storms, blizzards and even an ice storm to come out and support us. We would like to apologize to these friends for disappointing them. Our apologies to those who purchased new Fiesta attire. Our calls were greeted with shock and surprise.

The members of the Arts Commission believe the Arts "Light up your Life" and give another dimension to your day to day life. To that end, we will continue to fulfill our mission to provide cultural activities and events for the citizens of Harford County.

We will not have to cancel any events in the coming year. We will still move forward with our Summer Concert Series, The Lyric Opera, Shakespeare in the Park, The Children's Arts Festival and Amelia Earhart.

Thanks so much to our friends and patrons for your continued support. Feel free to contact us with your ideas for future events.

Pat Fair

President-Havre de Grace Commission

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