Historic Ellicott City shop owner: 'Yes, I do feel lucky'

When some business owners use sandbags to protect their property during storms, Bean Hollow owner Gretchen Shuey uses bags of ground coffee.

The Ellicott City store owner laid about 1,000 pounds of ground coffee bags behind the door of her business and used duct tape to fill in the seams in preparation for Hurricane Sandy Monday night.

Thankfully, it wasn't necessary as the historic district in Ellicott City avoided flooding.
"Yes, yes I do feel lucky," Shuey said inside the coffee shop Tuesday morning.

Howard County police went door to door to roughly eight households on Main Street in Ellicott City Monday night suggesting residents evacuate, according to Howard County spokeswoman Karen Spicer.


After checking water levels of the Pataspco River, government officials decided not to shut down Main Street, Spicer said, but they are continuing to keep an eye on the river.

"That is a situation we will continue to monitor throughout," she said.

Derrick Davis, who lives downtown and stayed the night, said he lost power only for about 20 minutes shortly after 9 o'clock Monday night.

Like many city residents who were out and about Tuesday morning capturing pictures of the Patapsco River rushing along its banks, Davis said the historic district was not hit nearly as hard as expected.

"Now we're at least able to get back to some form of normal," he said.