Rec sports: Serpico and Bartlett represent Columbia at ChesapeakeMan Festival

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Endurance sports

More than 600 endurance athletes participated in the ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival last weekend in Cambridge, Md. The festival benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic. Columbia's Suzanne Serpico, 32, placed first in the AquaBike event, which consisted of a 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike ride. Another Columbia athlete, 25-year-old Benjamin Bartlett, won the Bugeye Classic Triathlon, which consisted of a 1.2-mile swim, 25-mile bike and 6.2-mile run.


Stephen Olenick and Marquel Bowler led the way in the 2-mile run at the Howard County Striders fall weekly series on Sunday. It was the first cool-weather race of the series, and 41 runners came out. Luis Navarro and Cindy Perkins were the 10k winners, while James Blackwood and Kendra Smith won the 15k race.

2-mile leaders: 1. Stephen Olenick, 10:52; 2. Mark Eagles, 12:00; 3. Marquel Bowler, 14:27; 4. Eric Johnston, 14:55; 5. Natalie Perkins, 15:34; 6. Samantha Harry, 17:14; 7. Roger Calvert, 17:31; 8. Michelle Weaver, 18:55; 9. Faye Weaver, 18:56; 10. Nathan Capelle, 19:32.

10k leaders: 1. Luis Navarro, 43:18; 2. John Way, 43:38; 3. Stephen Mang, 45:18; 4. Cindy Perkins, 50:40; 5. Ronnie Wong, 51:00; 6. Mike Fleming, 51:45; 7. Dwight Swan, 53:39; 8. Anna Chien, 54:32; 9. Doug Dixon, 54:38; 10. Lynn Sanetrick, 54:39.

15k leaders: 1. James Blackwood, 58:24; 2. John Chall, 1:02:04; 3. Gregg Ford, 1:04:03; 4. Nikolas Harvan-Matosich, 1:05:58; 5. Joe Haber, 1:05:15; 6. Kendra Smith, 1:06:56; 7. Robert Blanco, 1:07:14; 8. Marc Burger, 1:16:36; 9. Marsha Demaree, 1:25:20; 10. Amelia Mullican, 1:28:31


Both the U10 and U11 girls SAC United Premier teams took their respective championships at the Discovery Cup Tournament Oct. 6 and 7 at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Boyds. The teams are coached by Adam Wrede, and are made up of the following players:

U10 — Jordyn Choe, Morgan Choe, Paige Ditter, Alexa Dragisics, Lindsey Hockensmith, Paige Hockensmith, Shayna Kieley, Morgan Lee, Julia Noppenberger, Isabella Paris, Remi Rollins and Megan Wagner.

U11 — Daniela Cabral, Madeline Carr, Taylor Carter, Angelina Geralis, Erin Halper, Camber Hayes, Christabella Palumbi, Danielle Poindexter, Sofia Roberts, Marisa Sanchez-Henry and Jillian Smalls.

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