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Cobra travel

The Howard County Girls Cobra travel team, coached by Alex Pagnotta and Laurie Duncan, went undefeated this season and won the Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association Championship for Midget B Level (11- and 12-year-olds).

Members of the team are Alayna Pagnotta, Alexis Marciontte, Eva Pearson, Kelly Colegrove, Maisi Biranne, Carrie Hesen, Olivia Docal, Alyssa Arnold, Natalie Malette, Caroline Esmond, Allie Noyes, Julia Sheehan, Ryleigh Ahearn, Courtney Shumaker, Caroline Kwon, Courtney Renehan and Leanne Duncan.


Howard County Striders

The Howard County Striders' weekly race series drew 70 runners to Thunder Hill Elementary School June 5. Ted Poulos and Pat Huffman led the way in the 2-mile race. Mark Thomas and Tasha Hogan won the 10k race.

2-mile results: 1. Ted Poulos, 11:50; 2. Michael Dusenbery, 12:16; 3. Mark Eagles, 12:18.2; 4. John Chall, 12:18.5; 5. Shane McGovern, 13:46; 6. Darnell Smith, 14:04; 7. Steve Weber, 14:54; 8. Alan Murray, 15:06; 9. Ben Stein, 15:25; 10. Joseph Grikis, 15:45.

11. Charles Blum, 16:00; 12. Kash Hartz, 16:26; 13. Bob Lande, 16:29; 14. Pat Huffman, 16:35; 15. Leonard Guralnick, 16:54; 16. Dee Nelson, 17:02; 17. Karen Harvey, 17:09; 18. Roger Calvert, 17:12; 19. Sari Chapman, 18:25; 20. Michelle Lehmkuhl, 19:07.

21. Jack Edwards, 19:24; 22. Seth Papp, 20:12; 23. Patty Swank, 20:36; 24. Melinda Krummerich, 20:47; 25. Peggi McGovern, 20:58; 26. Tim Ramsey, 22:10; 27. Scott Thompson, 22:32.5; 28. Don Thompson, 22:32.8; 29. Steve Reading, 22:39; 30. Margaret Barry, 23:01.

31. Jennifer Jun, 23:08; 32. Myrtle Hughes, 23:28.4; 33. Bev Byron, 23:28.7; 34. John Wheatland, 23:36; 35. Tracy Day, 23:48; 36. Ania Grodsky, 24:57; 37. Marylynn Doff, 25:22; 38. Bridget Thompson, 26:15; 39. Mary Thompson, 26:16; 40. Ania Lunt, 27:30; 41. Gosia Grodsky, 27:31.

10k results: 1. Mark Thomas, 39:29; 2. Leonard Supsic, 41:06; 3. James Blackwood, 41:08; 4. John Way, 42:21; 5. Michael Mbugi, 44:08; 6. Abdelillah Razah, 44:31; 7. Paul Eyes, 44:32; 8. Jeffrey Ward, 45:20; 9. Tasha Hogan, 45:51; 10. David Jun, 46:24.

11. Sarah Lebro, 46:32; 12. Jay Jacob Wind, 46:34; 13. Debbie Young, 46:37;14. David Horrocks, 46:57; 15. Ken Sevik, 47:29; 16. Donnie Chapman, 47:47; 17. Chris Farmer, 49:01; 18. Evan Calvert, 49:18; 19. Todd Crooks, 49:28; 20. Tim Techathuvanan, 50:34.

21. Ronnie Wong, 53:35; 22. James Scarborough, 53:48; 23. Gaby Mazzola, 54:25; 24. Amanda An, 58:33; 25. Erin Rickard, 58:53; 26. Howard Feinberg, 58:59; 27. Dwight Mikulis, 59:39; 28. Karsten Brown, 1:05:14; 29. Amanda Gorski, 1:11:30.

Damien's 5k

Local favorites Karsten Brown and Doug Mock knew they were running for second place when the lead runner bounded away from the start of the 13th annual Damien's Run for Recovery 5k June 12.

"He was gone so fast that we didn't even see him!" Mock said of Bihanu Alemu Feysa, the front-runner. With a $300 bonus awaiting anyone who broke the course record of 14:32 (set in 2009 by Tefera Demesse), Feysa of Silver Spring thought he would try for the record. Unfortunately, he was running all by himself and, in spite of his lightning speed, came up four seconds short of the record mark.

Baltimore's Tezata Desalgn Dengersa, a native of Turkey, had similar designs on shattering the women's course record (16:37, set in 2001 by Naoke Ishibe). Not only did Tezata crush the women's field, she also beat all but the top three men and finished fourth overall. But she, too, came up a few seconds short of the record with a time of 16:41.

Mock's time of 16:47 earned him the prize for first master man. Two master women, Robyn Humphrey and Kelly Westlake, waged a spirited battle for third place among the females, and Westlake out-jumped Humphrey at the finish line by 0.26 seconds. The story might have been different except Humphrey pulled her hamstring rounding the last turn.

The first man and woman received cash awards while age group winners received a running bag and a stainless steel bottle.

The race was directed by Ralph Massella and staged by the Howard County Striders at the Columbia Gateway business park. Proceeds benefit Damien's Recovery Inc, an organization dedicated to overcoming teen drug abuse through education and outreach. There were 247 finishers in this year's race. Overall results can be found at

Age group winners:

Overall male: 1. Birhanu Alemu Feysa, 14:36; 2. Josh Olsen, 16:31; 3. Karsten Brown, 16:38. Overall female: 1. Tezata Desalgn Dengersa, 16:41; 2. Stefanie Commins, 18:54; 3. Robyn Humphrey, 19:54.

Master male: 1. Doug Mock, 16:47. Master female: 1. Kelly Westlake, 19:54.

1-9 male: 1. William Tripp, 29:25; 2. Seth Miller, 40:31.1-9 female: 1. Bridget Thompson, 45:00; 2. Kate Grauel, 53:02.

10-14 male: 1. Connor Rilling, 23:34; 2. Nathan Moore, 25:32; 3. David Gries, 29:10. 10-14 female: 1. Madeleine Miller, 22:45; 2. Naomi Feldman, 28:25; 3. Dana Gillum, 28:48.

15-19 male: 1. Zach Weinstein, 17:04; 2. Pranay Patel, 18:34; 3. Patrick Perez, 19:21. 15-19 female: 1. Colleen Fridley, 20:12; 2. Becky Gessler, 20:22; 3. Amy Gessler, 21:44.

20-29 male: 1. Steve Chu, 17:32; 2. Brian Allen, 18:22; 3. Ben Thomas, 18:46. 20-29 female: 1. Sarah Lebro, 21:33; 2. Megan Wiedeman, 23:06; 3. Amanda An, 23:12.

30-39 male: 1. Jason Tripp, 17:41; 2. Keino Farquharson, 19:24; 3. Michael Mbugi, 19:52. 30-39 female: 1. Jodi Sirbaugh, 27:33; 2. Kathy Smythe, 28:23; 3. Amanda Idstein, 28:27.

40-49 male: 1. Chris Rilling, 17:29; 2. Michael Jensen, 19:53; 3. Kevin Flynn, 20:08. 40-49 female: 1. Susan Kolocotronis, 23:20; 2. Marsha Demaree, 23:28; 3. C. Larko, 24:19.

50-59 male: 1. Dave Berardi, 17:09; 2. Bobby Gessler, 20:03; 3. Greg Schuler, 20:34. 50-59 female: 1. Karen Harvey, 26:01; 2. Kathy Deegan, 27:17; 3. Norma Walker, 27:44.

60-69 male: 1. James Carbary, 21:54; 2. Von Jennings, 22:50; 3. Michael Richardson, 23:43. 60-69 female:1. Ellen Rabe, 25:03; 2. Patricia Brooks, 26:14; 3. Paule Chenier, 36:14.

70-99 male: 1. Mel Quecan, 26:44.

Howard County Junior Striders

The Howard County Junior Striders competed in the AAU District qualifier track and field meet June 11 and 12 in Upper Marlboro. Here are the award winners:

Shot put Boys (15 years old): 1. Joey Pickens, 34'5". Girls (13): 3. Asha Lane, 25'6".

Discus Boys (15): 5. Joey Pickens, 85'6". Girls (13): 3. Asha Lane, 49'11".

100-meter dash Girls (10): 5. Kailee Bunyard, 15.48; 6. Cassidy Bunyard, 15.53. (11): 6. Jazmia Perry, 14.90.

400 Girls (12): 2. Jordyn Tate, 1:06.34.

800 Boys (10): 3. Hamzah Elhabashy, 2:46. (11): 5. Anders Chattin, 2:52; 6. Max Hill, 2:53. (14): 4. Matthew Jackson, 2:22. Girls (11): 3. Haley Krause, 2:56. (12): 1. Jordyn Tate, 2:44. (13): 1. Britt Lang, 2:31; 3. Abby Hines, 2:40.

1,500 Boys (8-U): 6. Camren Kovach, 6:33. (10): 1. Hamzah Elhabashy, 5:17. (11): 3. Anders Chattin, 5:33. (13): 1. Kevin Wegner, 5:00. (14): 1. Matthew Jackson, 4:51. (15): 3. Michael Wegner, 4:17. Girls (12): NA, 1 5:36. (13): 1. Britt Lang, 5:08; 2. Abby Hines, 5:31. (14): 1. Julia Nardone, 4:54.

3,000 Boys (12): 5. Kenny Accardi, 12:41. (13): 1. Kevin Wegner, 10:28. (14): 1. Joseph Keating, 10:34.

80-meter hurdles Boys (12): 4. Jelani Dula, 16.85.

110-meter hurdles: Boys (15): 6. Joey Pickens, 21.81.

200meter hurdles: Boys(14): 2. Benin Dula, 28.81.


WHC Fever travel

The WHC Fever '98 12-U fastpitch team played in two championship finals in two weekends, prevailing over the Memorial Day weekend to win the Emily Burke Memorial championship.

The girls fought off the heat and tough competition throughout the three-day tournament and had a tough battle from within their own program in the championship game. It was Fever against Fever in the final game as Fever '98 faced the WHC Fever 11-U who were playing up in age and played outstanding softball.

The Fever '98 team was led by outstanding pitching by Lexi Trail, Alex Cisar and Emily Fitzsimmons. Miranda and Emily Dowdall played tough defense and Casey Magersupp, Carly Clarke, Kiley Sweeney, Stephanie Bluhm, Meghan Jacobs and Kellie Schinzel came up with timely hits.

The Western Howard County Fever 16-U fastpitch team won the Gold Bracket of the PONY Memorial Day Madness Tournament in Pennsylvania Memorial Day weekend. With nine states and three Canadian provinces represented, the WHC Fever overcame the extreme heat to battle their way into the gold bracket after going 4-2 in pool play.

In the championship round, the Fever won a tight game over Mifflin County High Intensity, 1-0, with outstanding pitching by Stefanie Ray and flawless defense by Katie Wools (who also batted .358 for the tournament), Carrie Shrewsbury (who batted .380), Sarah Hughes (who led the team in batting .474 ) and Carly Moore (who batted over .300).

To round out the stellar defense, Lindsey Kellner made an over-the-shoulder catch in deep right field and fired a strike to home plate to keep the Intensity off the board.

In the semifinal game, the Fever knocked off the West Virginia Shockers, 9-3. Great hitting by Moore and Ayla Montague and fantastic pitching from Ashley Chafin helped secure the way to the championship round.

With the temperatures soaring above 90 degrees, the Fever faced the PA Ball Hawks in the finals. After taking an early lead with key hits by Danielle Myers, Nicole Cox and Hughes, the Fever briefly fell behind by two runs.

Again, the defense stayed strong and left fielder Summer Crosswhite made an amazing play by reaching over the fence to catch a would-be home run by the Hawks.

Going into the last inning, the Fever loaded the bases with a singles by Woolls and Ray and a walk by Moore. Crosswhite then came to bat and hit a tournament winning grand slam home run.

The tournament victory secured a berth to the Pony National Championships in Carey, N.C., which the WHC Fever will participate in this July.

Maryland Stars travel

The Maryland Stars 14-U girls fastpitch team finished in second place in the Maryland Stars Spring Sparkler tournament in Winfield. Behind the strong pitching of Emily Speierman and Sami Main, the Stars were strong offensively and won one game against the Heartbreakers and tied one against the tournament champions, Parkville Thunder.

The Stars opened the tournament with a 9-9 tie with the Parkville Thunder. The Stars came out strong with a leadoff single; the runner scored on a double hit by Speierman, one of two Howard County residents on the team. Alina Milauskas, the other Howard Countian, lined a ball to left field to score two more runs in the inning

Speierman collected two doubles for the game. Sara Driggers, Milauskas and Emma Adams picked up two hits each to lead the offense.

In their second game, the Stars faced the Heartbreakers, who loaded the bases in the first inning, but the Stars managed to find a way out without any damage done. The Stars followed up their stellar defensive performance with 3 runs.

The second inning went smoothly defensively with Speierman striking out two batters. The Stars came up with three runs and demonstrated their patience at the plate with three walks for the inning. In the third inning, the Heartbreakers went three up, three down and again, the Stars scored another three runs to make the score 9-0. The Heartbreakers did push a run across the plate in the fourth inning, which made the final score, 9-1.


Columbia Soccer Club travel

The CSC Galaxy (U-17 boys) had a busy, exciting and successful conclusion to their spring season.

Memorial Day weekend, the Galaxy Premier braved three days of sweltering heat and humidity to secure a win in the U-17 Elite Division of the Columbia Invitational Memorial Day Tournament.

In the first game, the Galaxy tied the Arundel Attack, a National Capital Soccer League rival, 1-1. The Galaxy fared better in games two and three beating the Upper Chesapeake Falcons and the Baltimore Bays Blues, both by scores of 2-1.

The Galaxy again faced the Falcons in the championship game and came out the winner in overtime. The Galaxy's Cam Britton, Sadiq Jobe, Anthony Russo, Charlie Smith and Michael Watkins all made their penalty kicks and goalie Warren Johnson, stopped the final Falcon shot to secure the 2-1 victory.

On June 5, the Galaxy maintained their second-place standing in NCSL Division 3 by crushing the Southwestern Youth Association Surge,10-0. Peter Park started off the scoring drive on a free kick just outside the penalty box in the 11th minute. Paul Park scored minutes later on a penalty kick after being taken down by a Surge defender.

The Galaxy then ripped open the Surge defense as Saad Memon chipped in a goal after a well-placed cross from Kaegan Ingham and Watkins, one of the Galaxy's finest poachers, scored three goals. The first came after Johnson sent a punt behind the Surge defense and Watkins dribbled the ball around the goalie and fired a low shot into the right corner. The second goal was tapped in after a crossing pass from Paul Park and his third came in the final 10 minutes as the Galaxy played keep-away and practiced their possession techniques.

Additional goals were scored by Paul Park, Toma Ivanov, Anthony Rice and Ingham. The Surge was kept scoreless by the defensive team of Smith, Peter Park, Danny Sogunro, and Brad Carrion and several key saves by Johnson.

The Galaxy played their final game of the season June 12 at West Springfield High School as they took on frequent opponent, the SYA Stallions. The Galaxy knew that a win or tie would guarantee them second place prize in NCSL Division 3 and a chance to move up to Division 2.

The Galaxy scored first in the 35th minute after Rice crossed the ball to Britton and he sent a powerful shot past the goalie after it deflected off a Stallion defender. The Galaxy didn't score again until the 65th minute as Ingham's persistence paid off and he drilled the ball into the back of the net after the goalie batted away the first shot.

The Galaxy struggled in the second half with only one substitute and extremely humid weather. However, despite two late Stallion goals, the Galaxy held on for a 2-2 tie with the help of its stalwart defense of Smith, Carrion and Sogunro, and multi-purpose player Garrett Blanchard.

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