Rec sports: Storm in the Swamp 5k raises $1,600 for charity

Rec sports

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Storm in the Swamp


The Long Reach and Reservoir field hockey teams combined to put together the Storm in the Swamp 5k run and Mommy Trot Sept. 24. Each team chose a charity to support. Long Reach raised nearly $700 for the ALS Association; Reservoir raised nearly $1,000 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The race drew 118 runners.

The race "was a huge success, bring in even more runners and more community participating than last year's event, the Lightning Flash 5k," said Long Reach field hockey coach Rashmi Bhanot.

"It was a nice opportunity for the girls to meet other players from another team who they've only seen as a competitor in previous meetings," said Reservoir coach Melissa Frye. "Everything ran smoothly and we came out with a lot of money donated to charity. I'm proud to be a part of it."

Top finishers:


Men: 1. Todd Lytle, 19:11.03; 2. Jake Oergel, 19:23.22; 3. Jimmy Rager, 20:39.50; 4. Daniel Frank, 20:50.27; 5. Colin Bonner, 21:16.76; 6. Nick Carson, 22:09.84; 7. Javier Wardcantori, 22:58.07; 8. Emilio Rodas, 22:58.39; 9. Kapil Bhanot, 23:00.44; 10. Brian Nickens, 23:01.94.

Women: 1. Kelly Felix, 25:08.39; 2. Jen Fieni, 25:15.06; 3. Michelle Rinaldi, 25:27.18; 4. Holly Gillum, 25:27.84; 5. Shelly Disotelle, 26:11.58; 6. Lauren Delong, 26:44.46; 7. Laura Thomas, 28:04.52; 8. Olivia Dance, 28:10.01; 9. Sarah Ritchie, 29:16.21; 10. Erica Nickolaus, 29:17.60.

Howard County Junior Striders

Even in the super muddy conditions over 60 Howard County Junior Striders traveled to Catoctin to compete in a cross country race Oct. 2. Liam McCaffrey and Corey Hamilton each placed first in their event.

Junior Strider results:

6-UG: 2. Erika Mosley, 6:16; 5. Emily Woolford, 7:01; 6. Nellie Kay Squirlock, 7:26; 7. Emma Koech, 7:28; 8. Caroline McCaffrey, 8:48.

6-UB: 2. Peter Keating, 5:42; 3. Stephen Sine, 6:08; 6. Reid Thomas, 7:08; 8. Aiden Nelson, 7:38; 11. Ilan Tracton, 9:34.

7-8G: 11. Olivia Tedesco, 12:59; 13. Haley Glassburn, 13:10; 19. Elise Mejia-Barringer, 16:18.


7-8B: 1. Liam McCaffey, 9:42; 3. Andrew Fritz, 10:09; 5. Mats Chattin, 11:27; 6. Bryce Johnson-Dendy, 11:35; 9. Joey Squirlock, 12:07; 10. Connor Croft, 12:09; 13. Taylor Nelson, 12:26; 17. Logan Kim, 12:55; 18. Colin Krause, 13:07; 21. Matthew Ganel-Constant, 13:44.

9-10G: 4. Bella Nelson, 15:26; 11. Zoe Reading, 17:06.

9-10B: 14. Tyler Richardson, 15:43; 17. Philip Allen, 16:22; 19. Liam Sullivan, 16:25; 22. Collin Dempsey, 16:47; 39. Henry Wilt, 20:47; 41. Lincoln Sine, 20:59; 43. Spencer Thomas, 21:25; 45. Michael Cheruiyot, 22:00; 47. Mathew Cheruiyot, 28:08.

11-12G: 5. Megan Prescott, 14:39; 8. Natalie Perkins, 15:12; 12. Courtney Mann, 15:37; 20. Erica Fenton, 17:06; 28. Marilyn Smith, 19:49; 30. Virginia Knight, 21:50.

11-12B: 2. Kevin Reynolds, 13:22; 3. Benjamin Oldhouser, 13:49; 4. Anders Chattin, 14:02; 5. Ben Rosicky, 14:15; 16. Ryan Gunderson, 15:28; 22. Gavin Courtright, 16:20; 34. Mikie Allen, 18:13; 36. Joshua Krutz, 18:26;37. Lucas Kaiser, 18:29; 39. Billy Bott, 18:38.

13-14G: 14. Katrina Krutz, 24:33; 22. Katie Albert, 26:29; 23. Stephanie Crispell, 26:31; 24. Sierra Johnson-Dendy, 28:54.

13-14B: 1. Corey Hamilton, 16:22; 2. Kevin Wegner, 18:18; 5. Shane McGovern, 19:15; 7. Logan Courtright, 19:48; 14. Jason Vanisko, 21:35; 15. Jack Kavka, 22:20; 20. Jake Ricker, 25:15.

Field hockey

Howard Stampede Elite

The Howard Stampede 7th/8th grade Elite team continued its winning ways this week with a hard-fought win over Carroll Elite, 2-0. Noelle Frost recorded her fourth straight shutout as Megan Hooper, Denise Lin, Gabby Cadoux and Mary Monroe combined defensively to thwart several Carroll offensive rushes into the Stampede end.

Stampede forwards Caleigh Covell, Madison Zehring, Briget Cavanaugh and Carly Clarke were huge factors in the game. They controlled the midfield and offensive zone and helped set up several opportunities. Keally Ingersoll and Lexi Rieu scored the goals for Stampede.


Soccer Association of Columbia travel

The U-11 boys SAC United Premier II extended their record to 4-1 last weekend by defeating the Damascus Sharks, 4-0. Goals were scored by Justin Harris, Ryan Saunderson (two) and Alex Smedley. Assists were tallied by Aaron Kaplan (two), Chima Okoro and Gavin Yancey. Outstanding offensive play by Chase King and Brennan Reamer helped keep possession in the team's offensive half of the field.

Another shutout was recorded for Nicholas Lara in goal and strong defense by William Vasilios and Lyle Knepprath held off the Shark's offense.

The SAC U-9 girls White had another successful weekend with a 7-3 victory over FC CASA of Montgomery County. Micaela Blackburn started the scoring with a clinical finish of a beautiful cross from Alayna Lynchfield. Ally Clearfield added another goal shortly before half when the ball fell to her feet after her teammate, Jordyn Choe, danced between three defenders at the top of the box.

The second half started in a lively fashion as Carmela D'Antuono used deft touches and skill to launch attacks, and Clearfield notched the third goal from one of these attacks. Not to be out done, Caroline Duffy and Morgan Choe launched there own attacks from the backline which led to goals from Morgan Pinckney and Jillian Ingram. Pickney scored her second after a takeover from Samantha Smedley, who had just cut up field between two defenders.

Once again, Remi Rollins was busy commanding the midfield and launching forays up the right side of the field and Lynchard closed out the scoring with her first goal of the day.

Columbia Soccer Club

On Saturday, the CSC Storm Runners (U-16 girls) traveled to wet and chilly Crofton to pit their depleted squad (eight players missing) against the Crofton Freedom. With only 12 players available, the Storm Runners fought valiantly, going toe to toe with the fully loaded Freedom team.

In the first half, it was the Storm Runners defense, led by goalkeepers Selena Chin and Katherine MacKie, that turned aside every Freedom foray into the Storm Runner's box. Defenders Becca Riley, Tory LaFemina, Erica Noppinger and Lilly Hermina played flawlessly and allowed the Storm Runners to withstand the Freedom's onslaught.

In the second half, the Storm Runners gained control of the match and kept the ball in the Freedom end of the field. Midfielders Jenney Haynes, Kate Harkleroad and S. Chin danced and passed their way in and around the Freedom to create multiple chances for the front line. That front line, highlighted by the play of Makenzie Rynn, threatened throughout.


Rynn, Natalie Chin, Christina Kochanski and Hannah Kennedy peppered the Freedom goal with a barrage of shots but all were denied. As time was expiring it looked as if the Storm Runners were going to break through as Rynn beat her mark on the left wing, took a hard shot that was parried by the Freedom keeper but came back to Rynn. She then side stepped the keeper and shot toward what looked like an open net but a Freedom defender stepped in at the last second and blocked the shot off the line, preserving the tie for the Freedom and frustrating the Storm Runners. Through three games, the Storm Runners have yet to yield a goal and are primed for a division championship run.