History Matters: Essay on Ireland lands Ellicott City 12-year-old second prize in newspaper contest

100 Years Ago

Irish eyed


Ellicott City Boy Gets A Prize

In the Baltimore News contest for the best essays by children, 12-year old Noble Watkins, of Ellicott City, was awarded the second prize for the following essay.


"Essay On Ireland: Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The capital is Dublin on the Eastern coast. There are mountains on the coast and the interior is generally level, with many lakes.

Ireland is governed by a lord lieutenant, appointed by the British Government. The greater part of the people are Roman Catholics. The principal occupation is farming, much cereal and potatoes are grown, some of the finest laces and lines of the world are made in Ireland, wool and spirits are also manufactured. Christianity was introduced by St. Patrick in the 5th century.

Other events are the Settlement of the Northmen in the 9th and 10th centuries, the revolt of the Irish under the Geraldines, supported by Henry VIII, who took the title of King of Ireland, the Rebellion under the reign of Elizabeth, etc. Much of the history of Ireland is legendary."

What was in the news in 1912 regarding Ireland is that a Home Rule bill was introduced in the English parliament, which didn't make many in northern Ireland happy and the Orangemen, a Protestant Irish group against Home Rule, protested against the bill. Four years later, in 1916, the Easter Rising would take place.


75 Years Ago

Slick save

Oil truck Minus Driver Stopped In Nick Of Time

"Alertness and quick action on the part of Nathan Holzweig, local grocery store proprietor averted serious damage and possible injury to several on Wednesday morning of this week. Mr. Holzweig stopped a huge trailer truck, loaded with fuel oil in the middle of Main Street after it had started backward from where it had been parked. The driver of the truck was inside checking the oil supply when the truck started on its driverless journey."

50 Years Ago

Kipling cubs

Scout Week Activities

"The 41,000 Cub Scouts, Explorers, and their leaders of the Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America observed the 52nd anniversary of the movement during Boy Scout Week."


New Cub Pack Formed At Allview

"On Scout Sunday, February 11, 1962, a Charter was presented to Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church (All View Estates) for its first Scouting unit - Cub Pack 371. The official document was given to Rev. James Salango on behalf of the National Office by Tom Esender, Old Glory District commissioner following a brief congratulatory address by the District Executive, Vince Karas. The 28 member unit is headed by Cubmaster Raymond Watson, Jr. and Pack Chairman Duane Kaufman. Frank Novotny is the Institutional Representative.

Parents of boys 8 to 10 not already affiliated, are encouraged to call Mr. Watson, AT 6-2970 for registration information."

Cub scouting began in 1930, just 20 years behind Boy Scouting. Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell modeled the group after Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, hence all the packs, dens, bears, wolf names for various groups in Cub Scouting."

Founders Day

"Founders Day At Harriet Tubman: The Founders Day Program of the Howard-County-Wide council of PTA;s will be held at Harriet Tubman School this Sunday, February 24 starting at 4:30.

Douglas B. Sonds, Executive Secretary of the Maryland Commission on Inter-Racial Relations will be the speaker. Mr. Sonds is a graduate of Harriet Tubman and of Morgan College."