History Matters

100 Years Ago

Washington in winter


From the social columns:

"Miss Elizabeth White, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. White, was stricken with infantile paralysis, a few days ago, and is slightly improved at this writing.


"Mr. Mollie Armstrong has returned from a visit to relatives at Fredericksburg, Va.

"Miss Katie Moxley and Raymond Moxley were recent visitors in Baltimore.

"Dr. I.W. Lacy has purchased a new Ford automobile.

"Miss Lillian Ambler, of New York, is the guest of relatives near here.


"Mrs. Moxley and Mrs. Frank Brown spent a few days last week in Washington attending the inauguration."

Moxley and Brown saw Woodrow Wilson sworn in as the 28th president. In 1913, the presidential inauguration was still held on March 4. In 1933, the 20th Amendment to the Constitution changed the inauguration date to January 20, to shorten the time between election and inauguration day. But January or March, the inaugural dates weren't designed for spectator comfort as every four years thousands have the opportunity to experience a plethora of lovely D.C. winter weather scenarios.

75 Years Ago

Udder delight

"Cow Testing Report for Month of January

"The Monthly report of the Howard County Cow Testing Association noted that the first five of the highest ten cows were owned by Doughoregan Manor with the top cow producing milk yielding 83 pounds butterfat which tested at 4.5 per cent."

I'd think smart farmers would refrain from letting the cows know when it was the big "test day" —might make them nervous and freeze up. (Though, yum, milkshakes.)

50 Years Ago


New county kingdom

A Times article about a new eatery in the county:

"Historic Home Now King's Contrivance: An inn, especially designed to fulfill the needs of fellow Howard Countians, has been contrived by Kingdom Gould. So 'King's Contrivance' came into being.

"Mr. Gould has long cherished the dream of creating an eating place in one of the County's historic homes in such a way as to enhance its atmosphere instead of destroying it. He feels he has found just the spot in the Macgill home on Route 32 just west of Route 29.

"Here in the spacious three story home with its magnificent view of the rolling hills of Howard, he is seeing his dream come true. But not without headaches.

"The pleasant story of the little old lady who cooked dinners for a few paying guest so well it effortlessly grew into a booming business just doesn't come true. The home had to be renovated, air conditioned and modernized completely, at a cost greater than building from the beginning. But except in the shining kitchen, the modernization doesn't show."

From the Highland/Clarksville column:

"Miss Terry Whitaker, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Whitaker, has returned to her studies at Wagnor College after spending a week with her family.

"Mr. Andrew Adams Jr., who is associated with the Ten Oaks Nursery and Gardens in Clarksville, was a guest on the program "Garden Living," which appeared on WBAL T-V in Baltimore."