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Indivisible members rally ahead of Stephen K. Bannon's speech to California Republicans

Growing up as a Republican in Southern California, Michelle Fowle said she automatically registered to join the party because her parents were also members.

"I didn't know the right civics," recalled the Northridge activist, 50. "I didn't really know women died for the right to vote. I just voted for whoever I saw on signs, or whose names I remembered."

Now Fowle is the founder of The Resistance - Northridge, Indivisible, which united supporters outside the California GOP convention in Anaheim on Friday to protest an appearance by Stephen K. Bannon.

She joined a crowd of about 50 people across the street from the Anaheim Marriott on Friday night as they denounced President Trump's former advisor. They were separated from conventiongoers by metal barriers and a cordon of private security guards while police officers observed from nearby. 

"Information and exposure and understanding show us that he is dangerous. He's a very, very good manipulator," Fowle said of Bannon. "His goal is to try and get rid of established Republicans and bring in more extreme people. Bannon is using whatever base Trump has left to recruit."

Carolyn Criss, a retired film industry researcher, drove from Sherman Oaks to protest. 

“Bannon is a clear danger to our democracy,” she said.

Criss said Trump’s election awoke her dormant activist tendencies, and she now regularly attends protests against the president. 

She said she thought Bannon's visit was an effort to “amplify his voice” while also helping the GOP raise money. 

“I really hope the GOP just wants to make some money off him and doesn’t believe what he says,” she said.

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