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Column: What does it mean for San Francisco liberals that Pelosi and Trump are working together?

What happens when the congressional representative of this uber-liberal enclave — who also happens to be leader of House Democrats — starts dancing with the devil?

Nancy Pelosi, along with her Senate counterpart, Charles E. Schumer of New York, convinced President Trump to override his advisors and ignore congressional Republicans by agreeing to a three-month extension of the nation’s debt limit, emergency aid for Hurricane Harvey victims and other federal spending.

The next day, at Pelosi’s behest, the president tweeted reassurance to “Dreamers” — immigrants brought to America illegally as children — that they needn’t worry about deportation during the six months Congress works to resolve their ambiguous state.

And Wednesday night, “Nancy and Chuck,” as the president chummily called the pair, joined the president for dinner at the White House, where Democrats said they reached agreement with Trump to permanently protect the Dreamers as part of a larger border security package.

Trump failed to win a measly 10% of the vote here in November but, even so, many said they were just fine with Pelosi’s new BFF.

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