Trump administration decides to phase out DREAM Act

The White House announced it will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program next March after the nation's business, religious and congressional leaders urged President Trump to save the program that shields young immigrants from deportation and provides work permits for employment.

DACA live updates: Trump defends efforts to help 'Dreamers,' says deal with Democrats isn't final yet

Young people shielded from deportation and allowed to work legally under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will begin losing their protection next March unless Congress acts before then, the Trump administration announced on Sept. 5. Congress' top two Democrats announced Wednesday night that a deal had been reached to help so-called Dreamers, but President Trump denied a final agreement was made concerning the young immigrants. Here's what you need to know: The administration will renew two-year work permits as they expire but will stop accepting new applications. The program will not be fully phased out until March 2020. Tossing the issue to Congress could create a serious split among Republican lawmakers. Here's how Gov. Brown and California lawmakers will seek to blunt the effort to end DACA Are you a DACA participant? We want to hear from you Read the full statement from Trump on ending DACA | Read former President Obama's response Times editorial: Ending DACA was an act of pure cruelty by Trump Watch: What is DACA? Photos: Activists across U.S. rally in support of DACA

Another thing Trump stripped from 'Dreamers': A loophole that helped 40,000 of them get green cards

One of the things that Trump did Tuesday was end advance parole for DACA recipients, which allowed them to apply to take short visits to their home countries.

DACA brought 'Dreamers' out of the shadows. Now, some plan to only get louder

Dreamers stakes their futures on going public. Now, the spotlight is going to be more important than ever

Who are the 'Dreamers' whose dreams have been deferred? You might be surprised

Young migrants who gained DACA status wonder what's next.

What the DACA phaseout means for workers and employers

The Trump administration's plan to end the DACA program protecting young immigrants from deportation is roiling some workplaces, but experts caution that much could change before the deadline.

In wake of Trump's DACA decision, L.A.'s Self-Help Graphics sets up poster pop-up for tips for immigrants

As the Trump administration takes action to strip away protections for "Dreamers," the arts nonprofit Self-Help Graphics responds by distributing free informational posters.

America cannot afford to lose 800,000 young 'Dreamers'

Now that he faces deporting 800,000 young Dreamers, Donald Trump is hoping Congress will give him a better option.

Trump's DACA decision passes the buck to Congress — for now

The president dumped his DACA dilemma on Congress, but it could end up back on his desk.

A Houston woman lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. Now, she could lose her DACA protection, too

Dulce Puente hardly has time to worry about DACA ending. She's trying to clean up her flooded Houston home.

Stunned, disappointed, but still defiant and hopeful: 'Dreamers' press on despite Trump's DACA stance

DACA participants put aside the hurt and vow to keep fighting — and working.

Trump tells Congress to resolve fate of 'Dreamers' as he phases out their protections from deportation

Young people currently shielded from deportation and allowed to work legally under the DACA program will begin losing their protections next March unless Congress acts first.

Trump's phaseout of DACA is facing legal challenges

Blue-state lawyers are likely to challenge Trump's phraseout of DACA.

Among 'Dreamers,' dismay and anger over Trump's decision: 'He just rips it all away'

Widespread condemnation of president's decision to rescind DACA unless Congress acts

California educational leaders vow to protect immigrant students from deportation

Education leaders in California, home to the largest concentration of young immigrants at risk of deportation under Trump's recission of DACA, vow to defend their students.

Ending DACA was an act of pure cruelty by Trump

Congress should but won't fix the immigration system, which means Trump's slow end to DACA pulls the rug out from under 800,000 American-raised people.

Republicans face a divisive fight over immigrants that could define the party's future

President Trump's decision to rescind a program protecting young immigrants in the country illegally poses a huge threat to his party.

'Dreamers' face tight deadline to renew DACA permits

Key questions and answers about DACA and the Trump administration's plans to phase it out.

'It will be harder, but this will just give me more strength': DACA participant says Trump won't stall her dreams

'It will be harder but this will just give me more strength:' DACA recipient says Trump won't stall her dreams

Los Angeles County, city officials call on Congress to pass Dream Act

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis criticized the Trump administration's decision to phase out DACA.

Are you a DACA participant? Tell us what you think of Trump's decision to end the program

Have you been affected by DACA?

Read the full statement from President Trump on ending the DACA program

President Donald Trump released a statement Tuesday morning explaining why he is phasing out the DACA program, which shields nearly 800,000 young people from deportation.

Telemundo and Univision criticize Trump over the demise of DACA

Spanish language media networks denounced Trump's decision, a move that could lead to the deportation of some of their employees.

Protesters march in Washington to show support for DACA

Hundreds of Denver students walk out in protest of DACA's end

California lawmakers defend DACA with an eye on lawsuit against Trump's action

Gov. Jerry Brown and California's top officials, all Democrats, vow to step in and help young immigrants who would be deported under President Trump's DACA action on Tuesday.

Trump may leave DACA in place for six months to allow Congress to act

President Trump has tentatively decided to leave DACA intact for six months to give Congress time to replace it.

Trump's decision on the 'Dreamers' is personal for some Californians in Congress

California's members of Congress see a familiar story in Dreamers as they await Trump's decision

Trump's voters won him the election, and they want an end to amnesty for immigrants in the U.S. illegally

The United States has tried amnesty before. It's time to try enforcing our immigration laws to the letter instead.

Dreamer gets glimpse of homeland as DACA deadline looms

Dreamer gets glimpse of homeland as DACA deadline looms

San Diego judge wants speedy trial in case of 'Dreamer' who claims he was wrongly removed to Mexico

A San Diego federal judge wants to expedite the case of a young “dreamer” who claims to have been wrongfully removed to Mexico despite his protected status

I'm a DACA student and I'm praying ICE won't pick up my parents

A student with DACA status returns to college out of state and wonders if his parents, who don't have papers, will be here when he gets back.

A day of rumors over deportation policy highlights divisions within the Trump administration

Formally ending the DAPA program highlighted deep divisions within the Trump administration over DACA.

Ending DACA would upend the dreams of a generation of immigrants without fixing a thing

DACA was designed to give stability to people whose undocumented status is no fault of their own. Ending the program would be an act of cruelty.

Tech leaders call on Trump administration to preserve DACA program

Tech leaders, including Tim Cook of Apple, have signed on to a letter calling on President Trump and congressional leaders to keep the DACA program.

Lawmakers concerned about DACA's survival after meeting with Homeland Security chief

John Kelly told Hispanic lawmakers on that a program that protects young immigrants from deportation is likely illegal, though he is personally supportive, according to House members.