His tweets have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up — or down — and galvanize the American public.

We're watching how Donald Trump is using this platform of unfettered communication now that he’s commander in chief. Here is everything Trump has tweeted since he was sworn in as 45th president of the United States. In many cases, we look at what he was reacting to and whether what he said was accurate. And, as much as possible, we'll relate what else was going on at the time. Check back for more as Trump continues to tweet.

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After report of tension with Tillerson, Trump tweets that NBC News 'should issue an apology to AMERICA!'

President Trump took aim at the "fake news" media Wednesday morning in a string of tweets.

That came amid persistent reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson planned to resign over foreign policy differences with Trump.

Trump appeared to take particular issue with an NBC News report that also claimed that Tillerson had called Trump a “moron” at a Pentagon meeting this summer, and that Vice President Mike Pence had to persuade Tillerson not to quit after Trump delivered a partisan political speech to the Boy Scouts Jamboree in July.

In an unusual statement, Tillerson forcefully denied the report Wednesday and instead pledged strong support for the president.

“I have never considered leaving this post,” Tillerson said at a hastily called news conference at the State Department.

When asked about the purported "moron" comment, Tillerson dismissed the question but did not deny it.

Still, Trump put a positive face on the comments, tweeting shortly after Tillerson finished speaking:

Later, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert denied explicitly that Tillerson had described Trump as a moron. "He does not use that kind of language," she said.

Tillerson has clashed with the White House over climate change and other foreign policy priorities, and his tenure has never appeared secure. Trump publicly undermined him Sunday, tweeting that Tillerson was “wasting his time” by seeking a diplomatic solution to the standoff with nuclear-armed North Korea.

Speaking at a Las Vegas hospital after visiting survivors of Sunday night’s mass shooting, Trump told reporters he was "honored" by Tillerson's comments and assailed NBC as "fake news." He said, "Total confidence in Rex. I have total confidence."

Tillerson, a former chief executive of Exxon Mobil, said news reports about his differences with Trump were the work of people trying to sow dissension.

– Times staff writer Tracy Wilkinson contributed to this report.

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