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In red and blue America, they watched the same Trump speech but heard completely different things

 (Mark Z. Barabak/Los Angeles Times)
(Mark Z. Barabak/Los Angeles Times)

Early in his speech to Congress, when President Trump likened his election to a political earthquake, it practically lifted Kristen Rossow off her couch.

Sitting in the family room of her split-level home in this tidy Boise, Idaho, suburb, watching with her husband and daughter — all Trump fans — she sprang up and raised two fists to the ceiling.

In Las Vegas, Jose Venturi watched with arms crossed, sunk into his orange sofa, as if shielding himself from the words coming from his television set.

Trump spoke to the country for 60 minutes Tuesday night, a delivery of roughly 5,000 words and offering a vision that seemed starkly different — inspiring to some, frightful to others — depending on what they heard.

No speech could bridge the chasm in a nation so deeply split, or bind the wounds after an election so highly contentious, or come even close to satisfying its entire audience.

But seen with opposing partisans, heard through their ears and filtered through their perspectives, the shared moment only underscored the country’s yawning political gap and lack of commonality.

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