Under-hated: Zooey Deschanel

She's so pretty and talented and, let's not forget, CUTE! She's so cute! She's the epitome of Twee (whatever that is). Here's the thing about Zoo-ee: I'm a hater. And, it's not Alpha jealousy talking, I just can't stand the chick. After her role in "500 Days of Summer," which, let's face it, was just her playing herself, she's completely pushed my buttons. Am I really the only one who thinks she sings like she hasn't cleared a loogie in her throat? I cringe when that Cotton commercial plays on TV, yet every bicycle-riding, Etsy-trolling girl I know thinks she is just the bees knees. And I'm personally sick of drunk people in bars telling me I look like her (what?) Even though I know she is pretty. Ugh, so pretty. --Jessica Cantarelli
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