3 songs I love by Elliott Serrano

New: "Thief," Aktar Aktar Of the baker's dozen tracks that this Chicago-based quartet has posted on their Soundcloud page, "Thief" is the one that gets me up out of my chair and dancing around the living room, making the cats wonder if I'm having a stroke. The driving piano chords, complemented by electric guitar and vocal harmonies, give the song an epic, old-school rock quality. And it doesn't hurt that the band's name sounds like some ancient city that Indiana Jones would go looking for. Old: "Take a Bow," Muse While this British rock trio has been rocking arenas for more than a decade-and-a-half now, I didn't discover them until this song was used as the score for a trailer to the comic book movie "The Watchmen." Matthew Bellamy's guitar riffs evoke memories of classic Queen with a dash of David Gilmour. Songs like this are responsible for the skyrocketing sales of video games like ¿Guitar Hero¿ and the continued growth of air guitar competition leagues. Seriously. Songs that remind you of how awkward you were in high school: "Katie's Side," Jess Godwin Not only have I been a fan of local singer-songwriter Jess Godwin for some time now, but I've been carrying a schoolboy crush on this "misfit with soul" since I first heard her songs on her blog. They speak to some very common experiences for geeks like myself: unrequited love, love lost and longing for the things you can't have. Unless you were "that kid" in school¿the one who pretty much exemplified what fitting in and "being cool" was¿this song is going to stir up some emotions in you. And if you were "that kid" growing up, can we hang out? --Elliott Serrano is a professional geek and RedEye special contributor
Photo: Muse
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