Haley Reinhart, 21 (1:10 p.m. Fri. at BMI stage)

Sound: “It is very retro yet modern at the same time. I wanted to blend a lot of genres together that I’ve been influenced by. So it does have pop and rock and R&B and soul all together.”What to expect: “It should be a family affair. I’m trying to get some of my family to come join me on stage and I’m really, really excited about that.”Advice: “Bring a little fan with some water that can squirt out of it. And I’m really excited because I have merch for the first time that will be sold, and I’ll be there signing at a tent (2:30 p.m. Fri.) and selling CDs and all that jazz. So definitely stop by and pick one up and buy a T-shirt.”Past Lolla experience: NA. “I have actually always wanted to go to the fest, and for some reason it’s never worked out. It’s an unfortunate thing, but it’s even cooler to say my first time going I’m going to be performing at the festival as well … The timing was always off, but the timing’s on now!”What Lolla artist would make her star-struck: “There’s plenty of people. I’m really excited, at least on my day that I’m performing there’s Black Sabbath and it would be cool to chill with Ozzy backstage. The Shins and the Black Keys. Very, very cool groups. I plan on going to the two rest of the days and checking out Red Hot Chili Peppers, and there’s a lot of other people like JJ Grey, Alabama shakes, and there’s a whole bunch of people that I’d be really excited to see.”On any pressure she feels by putting out similar music to someone as acclaimed as Adele: “It is inevitable sometimes, even though we’re very much different as we can be alike. But for me I think it’s a great thing because somebody like her, who’s been able to slip through and be an unbelievable success, I think that it just creates more an opening for someone like me from small-town Wheeling to rise up and be able to pull through with this sound that I’ve really always been inspired to create.”On Mariah Carey stepping in as an “American Idol” judge: “I think Mariah Carey’s going to do a great—is she for sure doing it? Oh my god, really? That’s great. I didn’t know for sure. I heard a lot of speculation, but I was hoping she would because … I think she’s somebody who would give legitimate advice and critique. She is an amazing vocalist, so I’d like to hear words straight from the mouth of somebody who has that kind of talent. J. Lo is an entertainer. She acts, dances, she sings, but Mariah Carey, she blows most singers out of the water. So she has a voice of gold. If you could be talking about any sort of diva to step up to the plate, she’s in our best sights for that.” 
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