Luke Biltgen, 26, Crete

Luke Biltgen, 26, Crete

JERSEY: Bob Probert, No. 24 (1994-02)

Probie was my favorite player growing up. I'm a hockey player, and I wore No. 24 and I still wear No. 24 because of Bob Probert. I love the way he played. I love the style of game and all that shit.

You've got your fight face on. I just saw it.

Yeah, I've got a broken nose from hockey. Growing up I saw a game when I was probably 10 years old where Probert had probably two or three fights, and it just stuck forever. I've always worn No. 24, and he's always been one of my favorite players.

Where do you play now?

Oak Lawn.

What position?


Do you get to fight at all as a center?

There are fights. I try not to. But every once in a while it happens.

How did you break your nose?

I got a puck to the face. [Pauses.] Yeah.

Do you have any other jerseys?

I do. I have a [Brent] Seabrook Winter Classic jersey. I have a plain Winter Classic jersey. I have a Tony Amonte jersey, white. And what else …? I have an old Hawks jersey, plain red, with a bunch of autographs on it.

So why did you wear this one tonight?

It's funny—I never wear this one. I always wear the Seabrook one. This one, I kind of hold sacred because it's my favorite player and it's autographed, so I try not to wear it because I'm afraid someone's going to spill beer on it or something.


But today, it's a special game, so I thought this would be good luck. I'm wearing that and [pulls up shirt to reveal a Probert T-shirt] …

(In appreciation) Heeeyyyyyy. (Reading) "Give blood. Fight Probie."

So I thought Probie would bring us some good luck tonight to beat the Ducks. They beat us twice already. Don't want to get swept by the Ducks. Not at home. Especially not at home.

Hilary Higgins/RedEye
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