Flavor: Cheesy Garlic Bread

"No bueno. This cheese tastes really artificial, and not in a delicious Cheetos way. It wants to be cheddar, but Wisconsin (the flavor finalist creator is from there) should know better. Also, where's the garlic?! Disappointing." - Kate Bernot "I taste the cheese, but not the garlic and definitely not the bread. Weak." - Brian Moore "Like Texas Toast, Disappointed in the lack of a strong cheese flavor but overall, it was Gouda." - Tracy Swartz "Karen Weber-Mendham from Wisconsin's idea of cheesy garlic bread is obviously a slice of Wonder Bread with a bunch of Parmesan on it. This is terrible." - Mick Swasko "Blander than Mumford and Sons. If you offered me these at a party, I would think I had offended you at an earlier point in our relationship." - Ernest Wilkins
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