Manchester United Fan

Fernando Loo (33, Roscoe Village) Favorite player: Ryan Giggs Arch-nemesis: Arsenal How did you become a fan: My oldest sister is a Gunner (an Arsenal fan) and she has always supported them. She used to buy me the Jerseys, posters, post cards, you name it. She tried to make me a Gunner but something didn't click, something was not right! As I started following the Premier League, I noticed how this guy named Giggs destroyed defenses and I immediately fell in love with his style of play. That year, my sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I replied: "A Manchester United Jersey!" She didn't make any comments but that year I got two gifts, an Arsenal Jersey and a Manchester United Jersey. I guess it was time to finally make a decision. I thanked her for both and with a huge smile on my face I put on the United Jersey and said to her: GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!
Lenny Gilmore
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