"Up All Night"

9 p.m. Sept. 14, NBC (moves to 8 p.m. Sept. 21) Cast: Will Arnett (left), Christina Applegate (right), Maya Rudolph, Nick Cannon Premise: Formerly self-centered, fast-living new parents Reagan and Chris (Applegate, Arnett) try to retain some of the fun from their pre-baby lives. The original pilot was OK, but relied heavily on predictable poppy diaper and lack of sleep jokes. I loved Maya Rudolph as the queen of a PR firm, who doesn't understand why her employee Reagan can't still be a party girl. Prognosis: The show has been overhauled, with Reagan now the producer of a day-time talk show and Rudolph as its over-the-top host. Cannon joins the cast in a recurring role as someone involved with the talk show. I'll give it at least a couple weeks. Read my full "Up All Night" review.
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