'Jeff, Who Lives At Home' (U.S.)

** (out of four) At some point in their lives, everyone believes that they should follow the "signs" that the universe presents and see where it leads. That's still what 30-year-old, mom's-basement-dwelling Jeff (Jason Segel) thinks, and that philosophy leads him on a wild escapade around Baton Rouge, where his brother (Ed Helms) suspects his wife (Judy Greer) is having an affair and the guys' mom (Susan Sarandon) wonders which work colleague is instant messaging her, claiming to be her secret admirer. Writers-directors Mark and Jay Duplass (the wonderful "The Puffy Chair") started strong and wrote themselves into a corner with last year's "Cyrus"; with "Jeff" they start in the corner and never get out, wrapping a weak idea around characters that spend too much time as Dopey and Grouchy. What's meant to be a slacker adventure about destiny and living with purpose becomes an irritating, forced indie dramedy about foolish characters who let what happens at the end of the day justify everything that came before. That's not fate; that¿s asking for trouble. See it: 7 p.m. Oct. 18
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