'The Beat Is The Law: Fanfare For The Common People' (**): Pulp-free

Talk about burying the lead. Eventually, "The Beat is the Law" gets somewhat closer to Pulp, the British band who endured years of obscurity until achieving enough fame to headline the Glastonbury festival. Except this documentary, in trying to connect the unhappy, unemployed people of Sheffield, England to the slow-building success of Jarvis Cocker's band, neglects to cover even the most crucial, basic informative nuggets to bring viewers into the band's inception, struggles and subject matter. If you claim a group had a "long and torturous journey" to fame, you gotta prove it. Plus, consider that folks across the pond may not automatically respond to testimony from DJ Parrot and DJ Winston, then decide how to explain why this all matters. See it: 9:15 p.m. Saturday at the Society for Arts, $10
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