'Sanctuary' preview: It's panic time in 'Metamorphosis'


Helen Magnus will do something shocking in Monday’s episode of “Sanctuary.”

“You’re going to see Magnus panic,” Robin Dunne told me last week. “We very rarely see Magnus worried. She worries a lot, I think, but she’s got a very good game face.”

Magnus (Amanda Tapping) has good reason to freak out. Dunne’s character, Will Zimmerman, begins to transform into a bizarre creature and Magnus can’t figure out how to stop it. The episode, called “Metamorphosis,” debuts at 9 p.m. May 2 on Syfy.

“There are times in this episode where you are going to see her really worried that she’s lost Will; not only worried, but helpless as to what to do,” Dunne said. “I think the audience is going to be shocked to see Magnus in that state, and everybody in that state of what Will is going through.”

Dunne was a bit shocked when he learned how the episode, directed by Andy Mikita and written by Alan McCullough, would be filmed. Or, rather, that he would be acting as a cameraman.

“I was really upset when I heard how they wanted to shoot the episode,” he said, possibly joking. “I’m like, ‘Guys, not only do I keep the show afloat with my brilliant acting. Now you want to shoot the show, too? What? Put a broom up my [butt], I’ll sweep the floor while I’m at it.’ ”

Yes, he was kidding. Dunne, always up for anything that producers Damian Kindler, Martin Wood and Tapping might throw at him, enjoyed his extra duties.

“I was always totally open to the idea. Again, it’s another shining example of the bravery with which we make this show and just trying to do things differently, not only in the storytelling but in the technological way that we tell the story,” he said. “What a great episode. I’m really proud of the episode.”

Dunne and I talked specifics about his work as cameraman and actor, which I will share after the episode airs. I was on the Vancouver set Sept. 2 during filming of the episode, and I have behind-the-scenes photos and a how-they-did-it video to share with you. It's pretty cool, so come back later tonight.

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