Hottest Geek Guys of Winter - 2012 Edition

Laurence Holmes is a sports radio and TV personality on The Score 670 AM and NBC 5 Chicago. He is also the Green Lantern for space sector 2814. He once devoted time on his radio show to talk about pro-wrestling until his on-air partner, the mysterious "Z", was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. (Or maybe he moved to Minnesota. Same difference.) This would result in Laurence's rise to become one of the top talents in Chicago media, as evidenced by the number of women who will show up on his radio show, or at his favorite comic shop. Even though he is popular with the ladies, don't bother asking him for a hook-up. And don't even think about getting Cheryl Scott's phone number from him. Bribing him by putting him in a "hot geek guys" feature probably won't work either. Listen to Laurence on The Score 670 AM and follow him on Twitter (@LaurenceWHolmes).
Elliott Serrano
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