"Game of Thrones:" Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, bottom photo), also known as the Kingslayer and not-so-secret lover of his twin sister Queen Cercei, gets his unsavory nickname from an event described in the show where he literally stabbed former King Aerys in the back. "The Witcher 2:" The hero of the game, who resembles a haunted version of Jaime Lannister, is monster-hunting mutant Geralt of Rivia (top photo). Geralt, a so-called witcher, gets unfairly labeled a kingslayer after a mysterious assassin slices the throat of King Foltest and frames Geralt. VERDICT: "The Witcher 2:" Despite his sinister looks, Geralt is easily more sympathetic than a guy who commits incest and then tosses a kid from a tower to cover it up.
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