Cameron Esposito Comedian seen in solo show "Side Mullet Nation" and featured on SXSW's comedy lineup (which was expanded two-fold this year) How did you score a spot on the SXSW comedy lineup? I auditioned for it in New York. I was traveling out there enough where I had done enough auditions for festivals, and I had run a solo storytelling show at the UCB Theater in New York. I felt comfy out there. Will you be performing new material during your set? I have some stuff written in the last month that I¿m pretty in love with. Hopefully I don't hate it by then. How are you feeling about being featured alongside big names like Marc Maron, Todd Barry, Kristen Schaal¿ I'm excited about it. I'm happy to be a part of that list of people. I also have been to out-of-town fests where it's a lineup that big and it's really an insane amount of fun to just be with this group of comics. It's neat to get to know people from all over the country. Anyone you're particularly excited to see? Honestly almost every comic they've booked falls under that. I'm really excited to see Reggie Watts. My heart was changes. And there's a lot of other people on the bill that are just buddies of mine. Esposito performs March 16 and 17 at SXSW and March 27 at Zanie's Comedy Club in Chicago.
Lenny Gilmore / RedEye
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